Magic-Extendable-Metal-Stick-for-Self-Defence-and-Fun Magic Extendable Metal Stick for Self Defence and Fun Magic-Extendable-Metal-Stick-for-Self-Defence-and-Fun Buy Magic Extendable Metal Stick for Self Defence and Fun Online In Pakistan Product #: 203157 4.4 stars, based on 89 reviews Regular price: Rs 999 Rs999 (Sale ends ) Available from: Clicknget Condition: New In stock! Order now!

Magic Extendable Metal Stick for Self Defence and Fun

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Key Featuers
  • Are You Safe?
  • Love to have fun and Security side by side?
  • This invisible magic Stick is for you.
  • Can be used for many things such as a walking stick, support when hiking, or even a self-defense weapon.
  • Girls, Keep it in your shoulder/handbag and teach lessons that bother you.
  • Impress Your Family and Friends with this incredible Magic Telescopic Rod
  • A portable wand made from high-quality Stainless Steel.
  • Use it as a magician's cane or wand.
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Magic Extendable Metal Stick for Self Defence and Fun Description

  • Clicknget Presents Magic Extendable Metal Stick for Self Defence and Fun In Pakistan
  • Exceptional Premium Quality, Designed with Care - Our “Magyk Staff” is a Portable Staff constructed from high-quality Stainless Steel to protect against corrosion & rust, Making it a long-run Bow Staff.  This magic stick collapsible bo staff increases the fun and is a pocket staff.
  • Magic Wands To Tickle A Magician's Fancy and Impress Your Audience - The Magyk Portable Pocket Staff is the top cool gift of the year! Get ready to dazzle and amaze with our incredible Magic Telescopic Rod goes from two inches to a full-size magic wand instantly. The opening of the elevated staff will be fun for all magicians at heart - Elevated Staff Metal Magic Appearing Cane.
  • New TikTok Sensation The EPIC Staff Stick - Use it as a magician's cane or wand. With our magic telescopic stick, with practice, you can engage, entertain and pleasantly surprise your fan-following on Tiktok and Instagram. This extendable staff magic wand Telescopic Staff has the potential to create a sizzling sensation, bursts of distraction, and reach millions of people around the world.
  • Caution Wear Gloves before opening: This spring staff stick is an expanding staff coiled under pressure and opens with high velocity. Closing pins may have opened in transit, so aim away from yourself and others when opening. Wearing gloves before opening the magic rod is highly recommended, and please note the pop-out staff will be harder to close the first few times, please practice the retracting staff and it will close easily the more it is used.
  • Important Note: Our Magyk Expandable Staff has a learning curve to using it, please note that when the collapsible staff uncoils it is NOT broken. Retractable staff can easily be re-coiled..
  • Hint for closing: Gently uncoil the end of the staff (it should look like two circles) to release pressure before trying to close.
  • ✿Material: high-quality stainless steel, durable, allowing you to reuse and recycle many times.Extension length: 3.6 feet / 110 cm, lightweight and easy to carry. Carefully release the pin while keeping the pin closed, and when you let go, the pin will extend into the intact cane. The best way is actually to loosen it completely and grab it immediately.
    ✿Spring switch: easy to extend a hand, lightning speed, showing the best stage effect. The metal magic wand is for adult use only, please check the flowchart first, it will help; it is powerful, fast, and highly targeted, so if you use it for the first time, please be careful to avoid injury. Users under the age of 18, please operate under the guidance of their parents.
    ✿Warning: Please wear gloves when using. This is a steel elastic rod with sharp edges. Please pay attention to your fingers; please extend the wand when not in use. This wand will exert a lot of force. This item is an adult prop, please keep it away from children! ! Do not look directly into your eyes when you let go. Please carefully open the box and pack it into a bag.

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