Ear-Wax-Removal-Ear-Scoop-Set-6-in-1 Ear Wax Removal Ear Scoop Set 6 in 1 Ear-Wax-Removal-Ear-Scoop-Set-6-in-1 Product #: 203154 4.4 stars, based on 89 reviews Regular price: Rs 550 Rs550 (Sale ends ) Available from: Clicknget Condition: New In stock! Order now!

Ear Wax Removal Ear Scoop Set 6 in 1

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Key Featuers
  • Say “Goodbye” to cotton swabs
  • Excessive Earwax can Block your Ear and cause Hearing Loss or Bleeding!!!
  • So, remove your earwax with Ear Scoop, a set of 6 pcs.
  • Different-sized spoons get the wax out of your ear.
  • Get relief from itching in the ear with Massage Ear Spoon.
  • Stainless steel material clean & Scratch your ear safely.
  • Wax Removal Kit Packed in a small & smart leather pouch.
  • Let's Hang it with your keychain & enjoy good hearing power.
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Ear Wax Removal Ear Scoop Set 6 in 1 Description

Do you and your family use a cotton swab for cleaning your ears? Does your mother or father use a pen, pencil, or a hair pen for itching in your ear?

If is it so…then it may danger for you and your beloved one. Although cleanliness of the ear is essential for your ear's health. After all, earwax may cause short-term hearing loss, bleeding from the ear, and other disorders.

Clicknget presents an Ear Scoop Set that caters to and cleans your ears properly. It cleans the earwax and pulls it out from your ear despite pushing it further into your ear as happens while using the cotton swab.

Ear Spoon is unique from a cotton swab. It takes care of your ear. Every spoon has a different shape that removes wax and cleans your ear efficiently.

Names and Functions of Ear Spoons

1-Trumpet Ear Wax Spoon: It is best for big ears to use in the ear canal. Due to their large size and full-round radian design, these large Ear Pick Spoons can reach the ear canal properly. So it makes your cleaning comfortable and doesn’t harsh or hurt your ear.

2- Small Curved Ear Spoon: This is for a small ear hole. As a small ear has a narrow canal so small ear spoon is for you.

3-Large curved Ear Spoon: It catches the earwax smoothly. It is a wide-curved ear spoon that can clean and clear the debris from the ear points. The shape of this ear scoop fit your ears.

4-Auricle Spoon Shaped Ear Spoon: This Medium Ear Spoon is for your outer ear which is obvious. You can rub and scratch the ear wax and dirt with this in your outer ear.

5- Flexible Massage Ear Spoon: Massage the ear canal and remove ear wax easily at home. Twist this Ear Wax Scooper in your ear and pull out the earwax from the ear.

6-Ear Canal Ring Ear Spoon: Get relief from itching of the ear. It is a 360 four-ring ear spoon. It is 360-degree rotating that provides you relaxation and calm feelings. It is for the stubborn earwax that enhances the friction to remove easily.

Note: (Every ear scoop as shown in the picture with its shape and name.)

Other Features

Portable: just like the Ear Wax Cleaner, it is portable and packed in a leather pouch that you can hang with your keychain.

Washable: can wash with soap and even sterilize.

Safe to use: Due to sterilization, there is no risk of germs and infection.

Durable material and design: Every spoon is fully polished that does not irritate or scratch your ear which may cause damage or hurt you.

So add this to your daily routine and have a healthy life!

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